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We love hosting wine tasting events, may it be free or with our handpicked producers!

Each month we collaborate with our handpicked producers which we believe are incredibly good products made with the highest expertise for a very reasonable price.

Furthermore, during the wine tastings, you will as well get an additional 10% off, upon purchasing the wine you fell in-love with.

Our previous events


A taste of handpicked quality wines from the famous Sicily Region, handpicked by our sommeliers.

Vignale Di Cecilia

A taste of natural wine selection from the producer Paolo Brunello of Vignale di Cecilia's winery.


Five selected wines from "Italy's green heart"


An inspiring mix of high-quality or naturally produced wines, from Endrizzi Winey and Tretino Aldo-Adige region.

Natural Wine Tasting

Showcased our Autumn natural wine collection which are handpicked by our sommeliers.

Free Wine Tasting

A guided tour of Sicilian wines that are high-quality or naturally produced.


A journey through Abruzzo's green mountains which gives the wine producers a unique foundation of developing their wines.

Aperitivo alla Milanese

an Italian pre-dinner aperitif served with some traditional snacks and dishes.


With its fertile soils, and long endless summers. A free tasting of Sicilian wines.

Aperi-dinner & Jazz

A warm up event for New Year.


A guided tour of inspiring mix and high-quality produced wines, from Elusia Winery.


A guided tour of Tuscany where you can expect an inspiring mix of high-quality or naturally produced wines, from one Italy's most beloved wine region

Christmas Wine Tasting

An inspiring mix of high-quality Christmas wines that will perfectly match your Julefrokost.


In participation of the annual winestortion in Denmark.


With a selection of seven amazing wines from Abruzzo Region, handpicked by our sommeliers.

mother Birthday

Sharing is Caring annual event, where we share our organic sourdough pizzas and mother wines.

Free Wine Tasting

Introduced our natural wines, with our new producers from all around Italy.


In participation of the annual Winestortion in Denmark.

Trentino Alto Adige-Südtirol

A diverse selection of wines that are exceptionally high quality despite being one of the smallest regions in Italy.

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