We have now received all the samples, we have requested from our roaming in Italy in the quest of finding the right wines to bring home.

We were planning to start tasting them, when we realized that the best way to make the final decisions would be to taste them with you and make the choice together.

We have over a hundred bottles to go through from all parts of the country.

So, we hereby invite you to pop by Mother Wine and have a taste with us this Thursday 16/6

This way you can make sure to have your say on this year Mother Wine wine selection.

The event is naturally for free and all you wine lovers are invited!

Throughout the afternoon we will fill you in on the different wines and grapes while tasting, as well as we invite you to do your personal reviews of the wines.

We find this to be a nice way to discover new tastes, compare and discuss them with each other.

The tasting starts this Thursday June 16th at 5pm at Mother Wine.

Looking forward to see you!