a big daddy sagrantino – if you like your red wine packed and bursting this is the one for you

100% sagrantino
montefalco, umbria
cork, 75cl

Product Description

a deep, dense, ruby colour with very little sign of ageing at the edge of the glass, demonstrating the capacity of this grape variety for a long and happy life.
the nose is of black fruit – blackberries cooked with apples. there is spice too, black pepper and cinnamon, a touch of christmas spices and the mature tannins bring a savoury note.
on the palate you first notice the fruit which is quickly overwhelmed by the abundant tannins – very much a feature of sagrantino, and what gives this wine its backbone.
then the fruit makes a comeback and things settle down with smoke and tobacco coming through to a persistent and complex finish.

the tannin will take a back seat with the right food pairing, leaving you to enjoy the fruit and secondary flavours. Red meat is the obvious choice – well aged beef, a sunday roast with duck fat roast potatoes and sharp hot horseradish sauce), or slow cooked roman style with red wine, tomatoes and olives.
Venison would be a good match, either roasted with a sweet berry sauce, or slow cooked with chocolate.

the wine settles in stainless steel, and is then moved to barrique where it spends the following 14-18 months, depending on the vintage. it receives a total of 30 months maturation in steel and barrique, and is then held on bottle until deemed ready by the winemaker, 4 and a half year in the case of the 2008 vintage.

our friends at cantina goretti are currently in their fourth generation of wine makers. with two wineries, one in pila and the other in montefalco, they are the perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

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