When are we open?

monday        10.00-19.00
tuesday         10.00-19.00
wednesday   10.00-19.00
thursday       10.00-19.00
friday             10.00-22.00
saturday       10.00-22.00
sunday          closed

We are open pretty much everyday, except for sunday’s and the major public holidays… christmas, easter, etc.

Can you get wine to go?

YES. That’s why we’re here. We always have plenty open so you can taste before taking one home.

Our sparkling, white and rosé can be bought chilled in case you forgot to put one in the fridge earlier.

Can you just come by for a glass off wine?

Yes of course! Where’s the fun in a wine shop that doesn’t pop open bottles? We have lots of comfy chairs and tasty snacks too.

Wine by the glass comes at two prices;  75dkk and 95dkk. You can also share a bottle (or have one each, we won’t judge.) Then you pay a cork fee of the same amount the bottle costs to take home (fx, a wine bottle for 105dkk, you drink for 205dkk at the shop.)

Do we serve food?

Some, yes. With every glass of wine we serve a little something on the house. Will it be olives, prosciutto, salsiccia, liquorice almonds or something else entirely. Let us surprise you.

On Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s we host Aperitivo alla Milanese, happy hour italian style!

Aperitivo alla Milanese?

We make our aperitivo every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 17.00.

This is a homemade “help yourself” snack-buffet with a range of savoury snacks, pizzas, bruschetta, cold cuts and much more. Price for Aperitivo is 100dkk.

Do we take bookings?

For aperativo, just come by. We have plenty of seats on all three floors, and if necessary we squeeze in extra chairs where there is space. We sit tight and cozy up italian style!

For wine tastings, groups or private dinners or parties, yes we do. For advance bookings please email wine@mother.dk with your request and we’ll fix you right up.

Do you host wine tastings?

Yes we do! We regularly host fun tastings and events, sometimes with limited seats. Check “on the vine” to see what’s coming up on our calendar.

What about larger groups?

If you are looking for a space for your private dinner, the next staff party or a wine club tasting, go ahead and throw us a line to wine@mother.dk and we’ll put together an offer for you.

We rent out our locals at a very reasonable price, and we take care of every thing from food and drink to service.

How about those who don’t drink alcohol?

Being a wine shop we’re not the biggest on non alcoholic drinks. Aperativo is a glass of wine after all, but for those who can’t have wine, we do have some yummy pellegrino soda in the fridge.

Do we do giftcards?

Sure, just come along in person and we’ll make one for you the spot